Petrikov Jowag Poet Laureate

Shelley was whelped on March 25, 1998 by Joan Wagner of Dalton, New York. She was always my wild child,  happy, enthusiastic, and eager to please.

Sadly, Shelley's show career ended when she manifested degenerative myelopathy, a gradual and progressive paralysis of the lower body.  It was diagnosed as a stroke but as her condition worsened, it became more apparent what she was really suffering from.  We put her to sleep on July 8, 2007 when she had lost all control of her hind quarters and bladder.


Photo by Danuta Frieherr



Shelley was a very sound, nicely moving bitch with extreme, reachy sidegait and a clean-as-a-whistle down and back. She also had a HUGE, nose-twisting, teeth baring GRIN! She was the image of her sire, Pepper.

Shelley's headshot by Danuta Frieherr